Looking for a professional renovation contractor? Let’s go one step further. How about a renovation contractor that puts the same standards and craftmanship into a renovation that they do into a new home? How about a renovation contractor that is a licensed builder? How about one that carries the 2/5/10 warranty? Even better, how about one that carries adequate insurance for the contracts they take on. That is Willow Development.

All too often we see renovations that homeowners paid a supposed professional to do, and we end up having to come in and fix their work, or even worse, tear it out all together and start again. Check what your contractor has for qualifications. Check references from previous clients and photos of previous jobs. If a contractor won’t give you references, are they right for you?

Let Jamie take you through the steps and answer any questions you may have before you select a contractor. After all, “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays”. Willow Development started in the renovation business. At times, it can often be more difficult than new builds because you’re forced to work with what’s already there as a starting point. You don’t want your renovation to look like new build meets old build, but rather have the new and the old flow together seamlessly. A quality renovation contractor should have professional trades doing what they specialize in and what they are insured to do. It shouldn’t be the same person doing the framing, the plumbing and the electrical. A true professional knows when to bring in the qualified trades.  A true professional knows that what is behind the walls is just as important as what’s in front. Let Willow Development put their expertise to work for you and get it done right the first time.


  • Innovative thinking
  • Additions
  • Total re-transformation of an existing structure

Our services include collaboration with designers, architects, engineers, environmental consultants, City Planning Departments, Building Inspectors and even the new neighbours!