Begin your home construction with a smart financing solution.

Building your new home is an exciting experience when you have the peace of mind knowing your financing is in place. CIBC’s Mobile Mortgage Advisors, who specialize in construction financing and Progress Draw Mortgages, will help ensure you have the financing you need through every step of your home construction process.

  • Convenient, one-on-one service that comes to you on your schedule
  • Expert advice that helps you manage your home construction financing
  • Progress Draw Mortgages advance in stages offering flexibility and a  clear financing roadmap
  • Interest only payments on funds advanced during construction
  • Convert to a conventional mortgage after completion with flexible options  and the security of a guaranteed interest  rate

What you’ll need to start your application:

  • Builder contract or a complete project budget with supporting quotes
  • Copy of blueprints including elevations and floor plans
  • Confirmation of proof of land ownership or purchase
  • Income and down payment confirmation
  • Lawyer’s contact information
For more information call:
Jonathan Sutherland 
Mobile Mortgage Advisor 

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